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About Expercom

Expercom is Utah's premier Apple Specialist. We love everything Apple. We have been serving Apple customers for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on providing great service and great prices to our customers. We serve our customers:
  • At three retail locations in Utah
  • Online at Expercom.com (you're here!)
  • Toll free at 888-563-6112

Expercom is an Apple Authorized Reseller. We sell and support Macs, iPods, software, accessories, and more. We specialize in offering configurations that meet your needs--we even have more choices and Mac options than Apple does! We also carry a big selection of third-party products to give you the best value and solutions. We give you the best deal on Mac hardware, accessories and more.

Expercom is an Apple Specialist. What's an Apple Specialist? Apple Specialists are experienced dealer and service professionals who focus primarily on Mac-based solutions. Combining strong technical expertise with a singular commitment to customers, Apple Specialists offer top-notch service backed by local support personnel. As a top-tier Apple dealer, Expercom has met all of Apple's stringent sales and service requirements for this honor. You can view our Apple Specialist listing at Apple.com.

Expercom is an Apple Authorized Service Provider. As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, when you need service we can help identify the nature of your problem and, if a hardware repair is required, explain to you all of your available service options. We do both warranty and out of warranty work for your Mac, at prices much lower than an Apple Store.