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Windows on your Mac


Run Windows on your Mac.
More and more people are buying and loving Macs. To make this choice simply irresistible, Apple includes technology in Mac OS X that lets you install and run the Windows on your Mac. Or you can run both Mac OS X and Windows simultaneously with a program like Parralels or Fusion.

Should I run Boot Camp or a virtualizer like Parallels or Fusion?
Boot Camp is a dual-boot solution. When you want to run Windows, you shut down your Mac and restart into Windows. Then, to return to your Mac, you restart again and run your everyday Mac OS.

Advantages: full, native speed when working in Windows, no sharing of resources
Disadvantages: requires a reboot, only works certain versions of Windows

A virtualizer, like Parallels or Fusion, allows you to run Windows at the same time. They provide near native speed without requiring a restart of your Mac. You can move between Windows and Mac applications just like you'd move between two Mac applications.

Advantages: no reboot required to run Windows, works with any version of Windows including Windows 8, Linux and 64-bit versions of Windows. Great sharing of files between OSes.
Disadvantages: slight speed drop (very minor in most cases), uses shared resources (so have plenty of RAM to run both OSes at the same time), more difficult setup of printers, networking, etc.

Should I go with Parallels or Fusion?
These two programs are both great, and perform very similar. Parallels is a little faster, but Fusion costs less.

Does ExperCom support Windows?
We don't support Windows - and neither does Apple. We'll install it for you, but, hey, we're Mac people, so we can't help answer Windows questions! Give us a call at 888-563-6112 if you have any questions before you buy.